Virtual Reality is the Next Step for Casinos

Virtual Reality is the Next Step for Casinos

With the introduction of and rise of sales in virtual reality headsets throughout 2016, it seems that VR could be the next big step that casinos are willing to take in order to take their games to the next level. Once an idea that seemed to be way off in the far away future, the time has now come for us to don our headsets and walk into a world of brightly colored graphics, exploration, competitions and much more. When it comes to casino technology, virtual reality is definitely the next step for the big names.


Currently, over 43 million people across the globe own a VR headset in their own home- 2016 saw a rise in popularity of the technology, particularly once the likes of Google, Samsung and Facebook began to take over the virtual reality market. Inevitably, gaming companies have wanted to get a piece of the action too, and so we are now seeing the likes of PlayStation and XBox all bracing themselves for a massive change over the coming months. It’s not just major names getting involved, though; smaller, more mobile games such as online casinos also want to be involved with this transition in high tech gaming.


Virtual Reality Gambling is now up and running and is set to be the next big thing for 2017. Online gambling has been surging in popularity the more that technology has increased. Now that everyone and their dog has a smartphone, online casinos are more accessible than ever, and this has lead to a very slight drop in people attending real casinos; because of course, why would they go when they can emulate the entire experience at home?


Now to step things up a notch, VR Gambling has been introduced to the market. Online casinos are looking to pick up fresh new players for their sites all of the time, and VR Gambling is what’s going to entice the current younger generation in. While sitting at home in bed, people will be able to pop a headset on and be turned into an animated character similar to ones you’d find in an online casino. You’ll be able to physically hold your cards and chips and interact with other characters, an experience unlike anything else. In some instances, you’ll even be able to interact with your competitors, which actually would create a unique experience, as well as introduce the more social side of gambling right to your door.


The only downside to VR Gambling is that it could see a further decline in those willing to take a step outside of their front door to visit a real casino. However, it is unlikely that this is a problem to worry about yet as the headsets sell for around £500-£1,000 depending on the model you’re buying. This is an extortionate amount, and not a price many people are willing to pay when they just want to bet a couple of pounds from their own home. VR Gambling is an incredibly exciting development in both the technology and the gaming industry, but it still has a way to go yet before it’s truly accessible to everyone.