Jungle Jim El Dorado 3D Slot Game Review

Jungle Jim El Dorado 3D Slot Game Review

Microgaming are slots heavyweights, and one of the latest offerings from this company is Jungle Jim El Dorado. This video slot game was released last year and is another attempt by Microgaming to dominate the slots market. The thing is, it doesn’t always work out that way. And, while this is a perfectly decent slots game, it’s also not the best out there.

When comparing and contrasting video slots, it’s important to look at all sides of what the games have to offer to players. One element alone is not enough to make a game great, there has to be a lot of elements that tick the boxes. So, how does Jungle Jim El Dorado 3D measure up against other offerings on the market?

Well, the first thing to note about this game is that it is appealing visually. The graphics are impressive, and the visual aesthetic is certainly something that catches your eye. But, many people have claimed that the game is essentially just a rip off of Gonzo’s Quest. And, to be honest, looking at the game, it’s difficult to argue against that sentiment. Though it looks good, there’s no doubting that this slot is derivative, and this reduces its appeal and originality.

The reels, however, are some of the best we’ve ever seen on a slot. They look sensational, and great effort has been made to try to make them as authentic as possible. The stones and gems that make up a large part of the paylines look exactly like you would expect from hidden treasures in a faraway land. However, because the paylines are fixed, it does mean that they lack user interaction, and this can be frustrating and disappointing.

Looking at the bonus features a is important when it comes to rating how great a slots game is. Jungle Jim has a cool jackpot element, where five Treasure Chests will earn you 3,000 coins – try to think of another slot that offers this! There are also Scatters, and a Free Spins bonus round, where players can work towards earning some top moolah.

Overall, we would describe this game as being very similar to Gonzo’s Quest, but it lacks the charm of its counterpart. That’s why we would have to cite this game as being good, but not great. Your quest for treasure here might be repetitive, and you might have seen it all before, but dammit it all if it’s not heaps of fun!