Johnny the Octopus 3D Slot Review

Johnny the Octopus 3D Slot Review

Sometimes it’s the weird, wonderful, and quirky slots that capture our interest and attention. So, it’s important to think about how appealing a game like Johnny Octopus is. If you’ve not heard of this game before you certainly aren’t alone because we hadn’t either. But, one thing is sure, you’ll be glad you’ve heard of it now.

You will head down to Johnny’s lair under the sea for an adventure unlike any you’ve ever seen before. There are some slots that appeal for specific features, and others that are simply average. But, games like Johnny the Octopus 3D are leading the way and transforming how people view online slots games. Here is our review of Johnny the Octopus 3D.


The great strength of this game, as you’d expect from a 3D slot, is to way it looks. The graphics are truly amazing, and this is deep sea adventure you won’t forget in a hurry! We’re heading deep down, to the seabed, to a sunken ship full of countless treasures, and surrounded by all manner of sea life. The windows of the ship open and all manner of 3D sea creature float out and become your reels. When you match a winning combination, these symbols will stay, and the others will float away. This is a visually breathtaking game that’s very much here to stay.


The game is simple to get the hang of and is a really great underwater experience. We actually found that the match ups can trigger payouts pretty easily, and regularly. And you just wait until you get the bonuses as well! Look out for the symbol of a clam with a pearl as this is your Scatter symbol. It’s crucial for working towards building up those wins, and the spiky fish is the Wild symbol. The locked treasure chest is a Bonus icon, and this is definitely something you need to keep your eyes peeled for.


The Free Spins are amazing. You’ll see a couple of treasure chests bob up and down; these signify the 10 Free Spins. During these spins, Johnny will appear from inside the ship and trigger two rows of Wilds. These Wilds will be utilised with everyone for the Free Spins in order to build up some awesome cash. We had a go on the Free Play mode, and our first Free Spins bonus triggered us a total win of £112.00! So, as you can see, this is a super fun game, with a big capacity for big casino wins, and brilliant visuals to boot!