Fairy Tale 3D Slot Review

Fairy Tale 3D Slot Review

3D is all the rage these days. 3D movies, 3D videogames, and now, 3D slots for good measure! And, one of the more recent games to get the 3D video slot treatment is the epic fantasy game Fairy Tale 3D. There are plenty of fantasy and fairytale themed slots online to choose from, and you might have come across this one on your travels.

Welcome to a High Fantasy world of magic and beauty; it’s the perfect chance to become immersed in another world. There are so many slots similar to this out there, but many of them lack the quality or staying power of this one. Let’s take a closer look at this game, and see what it can offer to new players who want to check it out.


Now, we all know that when it comes to a slot game, the visuals are the most important thing. And, when the game in question is a fantasy slot, the visuals become even more important. We want to be wowed, blown away, treated to a place our imaginations have always dreamed of. The game blends several incredible world and universes together, as you winter the game and end up in a fantasy paradise. You’ll be transported to the sky, and you’ll nestle among the clouds where you can really get into action with this game. The reels are see-through, to let you enjoy the intricate detail of the surroundings, and there is a definite nature theme here as well.


When it comes to gameplay, it’s important for a slot to be fun and engaging. We have a lot of different ideas of what constitutes great slots. But, the best thing for any company is to try to create a game that’s fun and interesting. Endorphina developed Fairy Tale, and they have clearly taken the time to ensure people return to this game again and again. What we like about it is that it’s fairly easy to match winning combinations, and the win percentage is also highly attractive. There is a Take Risk button that you can click on to try to double your winnings.


Looking at the bonus features on this game, it is important that you understand them. You will need to look out for these because it will be much more difficult to trigger big wins without them. The first thing to note is that the Diamond symbols act as Scatter and Wild symbols. These can be utilised to help make better winning combos and build up your balance. A Diamond combination will award you with Free Spins, and these are where you can really start to make good money.