Barbary Coast 3D Slot Game Review

Barbary Coast 3D Slot Game Review

The theme of Barbary Coast slot (if you hadn’t already guessed!) is pirates, and this definitely brings about an additional element of childlike fun to the game! Join a terrifying, motley crew on their quest to find some valuable treasure before their rival, notorious Blackbeard, gets to it with his own crew. The game may have been one of the first 3D slot games to hit the internet back in 2009, but it has managed to remain as popular as ever. It is also a pretty good bet if you’re looking for loose slots that payout more often. 


The symbols and characters you’ll come across in the game are very apt for the theme; you’ll see things such as a cannon, a compass, some treasure, a skull, a boat, a beautiful woman in a fancy dress and so on. Some of the more important symbols, such as the Blackbeard symbol, unlock special features so players should look out for these! The cannon symbol will trigger an explosive wild reel, while the parrot icons will unlock free spins, as well as instant prizes!


There are five bonus rounds in the game, all of which offer some brilliant prizes and extra bonus credits! It’s a rare occurrence that a casino will offer more than one bonus round so this feature definitely gives Barbary Coast a bit of an edge compared to other competitors on the market.


The payouts in the game are all relatively good. Using just the normal slots, you can win anywhere between 50 and 1,500 coins which are great. However, all of these winnings can be multiplied quite drastically if players take advantage of the bonus rounds and features, so there is the chance to make some great payouts.


The graphics used in the game are all of a really high quality, and it’s definitely an enjoyable one to play as it follows a storyline that players can really get involved with. If you’re looking to let off some steam with an enjoyable game that doesn’t require too much concentration and will still provide you with some good payouts, then Barbary Coast is definitely one to consider!