3D and Virtual Reality – two things that are becoming more and more prominent in the world we live in today. While 3D movies may have been around for a while, VR is still something quite new and intriguing. Together, they’re something very exciting indeed. Many industries are trying to utiliseĀ 3D and VR in order to give their customers a unique experience – whether that be shopping from the comfort of your armchair through to playing realistic video games.

One such industry to make the most out of this up and coming tech is the online casino world. Going hand in hand with gaming, this multi-billion pound ‘niche’ is working to bring Vegas to your front room. While this may be relatively new right now, we have a feeling it is something that is going to grow and grow. There are already casinos around who are utilising 3D technology – and even live casino games with real dealers. This is an area that is just going to get bigger as time goes on. As such, we’ve created a hub where the latest 3DVR casino news and reviews can be found. Over the coming weeks, months and years this site will grow to include all of the 3D and virtual reality casinos out there.

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